We are a Certified B Corporation


For over a decade now, our mission and business model focus on impact: a sustainable, fair and healthy food system. That’s why we choose to work for and with brands, companies and organizations that share these ambitions. This way, impact is part of our DNA. We work for six Dutch quality labels and our clients are held to all kinds of rules and standards in the field of sustainability and social impact. In our work, we help them communicate about these themes. We find it equally important to put our own organization along the sustainability and social bar as well. That’s why we are a Certified B Corporation since March 2023.


Business as a force for good

Being a B Corp means using your business as a force for good. B Corp is a global movement inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals. The premise: to transform the global economy for the benefit of all people, communities and the planet. To obtain the certification, organizations must meet high standards of social and environmental sustainability. The assessment covers impact in the areas of governance, employees, community, environment and customers. And we are in good company: Tony’s Chocolonely, Patagonia, The Food Line Up, Dopper, Triodos and Moyee Coffee, among others, are part of this community.


Sustainable food is no longer a niche

When we were founded, our main concern was to put issues such as food waste and plant proteins on the agenda. Nowadays, many companies and organizations embrace these themes. Sustainable food is no longer a niche, and it is fantastic to see that in the Netherlands alone there are over sixty B Corps working on food(production). Becoming part of this community therefore feels like a logical step for us, one that fits perfectly with our work as a creative agency that helps brands and organizations to tell their sustainable story. And to inspire people to make food choices that are good for the world around us.


Impact is never finished

We are constantly looking to see if we can do things better and how we can increase our impact. With this certification we not only record what we are already doing in this social and ecological field, but also where we can still improve and take additional steps. We will publish an annual impact report and every three years the Impact Assessment is reviewed again by B Lab. We are proud to be part of the B Corp community and to keep raising our own bar.


Do you have questions about B Corp? Ask Sebastiaan: sebastiaan@foodcabinet.nl